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Im two days into the #30daysofrunning and I feel good. It really isnt that far from my comfort zone at this point, talk to me on day 6 or day 8. I am excited to see how far I can push my body. I am looking to shed a few more pounds before October, gain some muscle tone and develop a routine with my running. I don’t see any problem with running every day, it sounds exciting, something new.

If there is one thing that this weight loss journey has taught me, it is to be patient, let the weight come off, flucuate at the pace that it does. I gained this weight in 10 years, it has taken me almost 3 years to take it off. I look back on those fad diets, and quick fixes and I think of all the heartache, the defeat that I felt time after time, losing and gaining back more.

I owe my life to running. Running has allowed me to maintain. It has allowed me to eat what I desire on the weekends, restrict and follow my clean eating and 1,200 calorie diet during the week. It has boosted my metabolism, so that I keep burning on the off days. It has improved my mind state, it destresses me, it has improved me in almost every single aspect of my life. It burned that horrible cloud of PPD, that haunted me.

So, I am owing this month to the one thing that has been my constant for almost two years. Running. I will run for 30 days, maybe a mile, maybe less than a mile, maybe more than a mile. But I will run. Who wants to join in? hashtag your facebook or instagram with #30daysofrunning, respond here and take the challenge and cheer each other on!

currently | The BIG 70

Well folks, as of this morning, I woke up and weighed in at 186. That is the lowest I have weighed since 2003. It feels good that I am only 5 lbs away, and to celebrate, I hid my scale. Directly after weighing, I placed that puppy on the highest shelf in the garage. I hope I never feel the urge to take it down.

The current plan of action to maintain is as follows: 1200 calorie diet, run 4-5 times a week, protein, veggies and fruit and whole grain during the week, take a rest on the weekend, drink 100 ounces of water daily, no soda.

Feeling: amazing, although I need to tone, it feels great to be in a size that I haven’t been in 10 years.

Wishing: I had made these life choices years ago. But I am grateful that I have made them now. Better late than never.

Dreaming: of the day that I will run a full 10k.

Hoping: that I can incorporate more morning runs, but it just isn’t working out with our schedule and the kiddos.

My goals:

Stop focusing on the scale.

Focus on eating as whole as I can.

Drink my water.

Run 4-5 times a week, 2-5 miles each run.

 Post monthly side by sides for motivation.






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June 2013photo2

June 2013



June 2013photo3

The above photo is repetitive, I know. But for me, this is a very important photo. I had lost a few lbs in this photo in preparation for my sons’ baptism. Vincent had just turned one, and this was the beginning of my weight loss. Vincent was 8 months old when I started my journey. He is now 3 years, 3 months. 

Now, I will be honest, the morning that I hit my goal, what did I do? I ate a brownie for breakfast and I followed it up with pizza in the afternoon for lunch. Hey, we are human. So, here is to sticking to goals, not obsessing about those last 5 lbs, and hoping that I can get down at least to a baggy 12. :)

a newcomer



After a long waited arrival, we finally welcomed our new crosley into our home this week. I was aware of how much I missed having a turntable in the house. But, I wasn’t aware of how emotional it would be for me.

All of my records that I spent most of my thrifting-teenage years, collecting, had been taken to my mom’s house, years ago when I moved in with George. I didn’t have a “spot” for them, and then life happened and I just never brought them back. Only to be tinkered with on those rare visits with my mom. And then with the passing of my mother, and along with all of the other things that I wish that I could have saved from that house, the records and turntable stayed there. And as horrible as it sounds, I would rather start new, than have to step foot in that house ever again.

So, I looked and looked for these last few years that my mom has been gone, recollecting in my mind, which albums are missing and what style appealed to me. I tried thrift store after thrift store and apparentely all the good ones have been picked up, because there were none that I desired. And then I finally bit the bullet and said, I will just buy a new one. And Crosley it was.

So, on a warm summer night, the boys and I holed up in my bedroom, with the few albums that I hung onto, lying around us, and they listened to ‘Free Bird’ on vinyl for the first time. And their eyes lit up and they smiled and they wanted to touch that spinning record and change the record and touch the arm and turn it up and so forth. They were curious little boys and it made my heart instantly joyful. We listened to Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Baez, Lynard Skynard.

And then as Vincent tottered off to find his daddy, I put Lynard Skynard back on and placed it where Simple Man starts. And I stood there with my Georgie, him standing on the bed, and I slow danced with him. To our song. I swayed with him and I held his long lanky body, and really felt like the world couldn’t get any better at that moment. If that was all the satisfaction that I recieved from that turntable, well then it is the best purchase I have ever made.


currently | in our nest | us and the kids

reading: the stand, old issues of Martha Stewart. || lots of alphabet worksheets and spanish books prepping for Kindergarten.

eating: lots of fresh fruit, as summer emerges from spring. accenting a lot of dishes with lime, avocado and cilantro. lots of fish and grilled chicken. || eating at the kitchen table, trying new things like bbq chicken and rice with soy sauce.

drinking: water, water and more water. with lime, with cucumber, with watermelon. Green tea, with raspberry, plain, with peach juice. || drinking less milk and more water for these active boys!

wishing: for that Crosley Record player. || wishing for more park visits and that Disneyland and “the sand” would hurry up and ger here.

praying: that little guardian angels were with all those children in the Oklahoma Tornado tragedy. || every night at the dinner table. whether the prayer is small or big, or silly or significant, it comes from the mouths of babes and that is important.

dreaming: of Jamaica, and clear blue waters, and tiki torches, banana pancakes and big tropical leaves. || of tball and that it would just last forever.

giving: myself the benefit of the doubt. I am way too hard on myself. I need to learn to relax and give myself that time to make a mistake, not beat myself up about it. || our older and less used toys to our younger cousins.

recieving: encouragement. I am only 16 pounds away from my current weight loss goal. And that feels amazing. thanks to all of my family and friends whom have encouraged me along this long but actually short journey! || quarters and dimes for little chores and being helpful. <3